Data & Maps
With our data provided in standard GIS compatible formats you can work with your preferred spatial analysis platform to conduct in-depth analysis and create maps.
Standard Deliverables
  • Format: GeoTIFF
  • Resolution: 200m
  • Includes:
    • PDF of Wind Speed at user defined hub height (10m to 140m)
    • Annual Average Wind Speed at four user defined hub heights (10m to 140m)
    • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
    • Roughness
  • Format: ESRI Point Shapefiles (.shp)
  • Resolution: 2km
  • Includes:
    • Wind Distribution Data

      Includes wind speed, power, Weibull A and k, and frequency percentages in 1 m/s bins.

    • Wind Rose

      Frequency and speed in 16 direction sectors.

    • Monthly Data

      Includes average annual wind speeds by month.

    • Diurnal Data

      Includes average annual wind speeds by hour.

Integrate this data with Openwind to determine your offsets and developable areas.