Product & Subscription Pricing

The Windnavigator Platform by UL Solutions is a fast way to access to high-quality wind speed maps, wind statistics, data tools and reporting. With a subscription you and your team can make data-driven decisions about the potential efficiency and output of your next wind project.

Register now for a complimentary account and receive 14-trial to the Windnavigator platform.

During your trial you will receive browse our 200-m wind speed map, view wind statistics at multiple hub heights and use the map interface to purchase datasets for your region of interest. After your trial, you can still browse the 2 km wind speed map interface and make data purchases.

If you have more questions about subscriptions, large data purchases and bundled pricing, contact our sales team.



Utilize high-quality wind resource maps and data to quickly prospect and make decisions about potential wind plant locations.

Browse 200 meter resolution global wind speed maps at multiple hub heights (10 -140 m)

Retrieve statistics and download reports from the Compass tool including, wind speed, air density, surface roughness, elevation, mean power density, Weibulls A and k, uncertainty values, and 200m graphs for wind rose and monthly distribution

Define and purchase data and reports which can be used for preliminary assessment and design, met tower siting and measure correlate predict analysis including

  • GIS Data and Maps
  • Time Series
  • Wind Resource Grids
  • Site Reports

Receive discounts and complimentary data products and reports, including:

  • 2000 USD data credit (apply to any of our data products)
  • 10% discount on all data purchases
  • Unlimited Global reanalysis data, ERA5 and MERRA2
  • One complimentary Typical Year Virtual Met Mast data set
  • One complimentary Advanced Wind Site Assessment Report
7250 USD / year
2100 USD / additional user

Application Programming Interface (API) access

Access to the Windnavigator Platform API is a web-based service from UL Solutions that communicates with a user’s application to provide access to valuable wind data attributes for a particular location.

2000 USD

Wind Resource Grid (WRG)

50m resolution

WRG data sets are used to do everything from siting met towers to designing preliminary layouts to obtaining preliminary estimates of the wind energy generated for small to multi-turbine wind projects. Learn more...

starts from 2475 USD
2227.50 USD

200m resolution

750 USD
675 USD

Time Series Data

Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) (3 km and 9 km)

WRF is used for measure-correlate-predict (MCP) process to establish long-term wind conditions where short-term measurements already available. Learn more. Learn more...

starts from 80 USD
72 USD

Global Reanalysis

Used for MCP to establish long-term wind conditions. Global reanalysis data is available from public sources covering the globe and dates back to 1979. Learn more...

250 USD
(included with Windnavigator subscription)

Typical Year Virtual Met Mast (TY-VMM)

TY-VMM is hourly data spanning one year and used to estimate the wind resource and energy production potential of a site when on-site measurements are not available. Learn more...

855 USD
769.50 USD

Long Term Virtual Met Mast (LT-VMM)

Similar to the TY-VMM the LT-VMM is hourly data spanning 13+ years. Learn more...

1620 USD
1458 USD

GIS Data Layers and Wind Speed Maps

Map data is provided in GIS compatible formats you can work with your preferred spatial analysis platform to conduct in-depth analysis and can create your own wind maps. Learn more...

starts from 3000 USD
2700 USD

Site Assessment Reports

Site-specific wind reports offered through Windnavigator leverage UL Solutions proprietary data sets and advanced technology to provide you with the tools to make sound decisions about a project. Learn more...

starts from 500 USD
400 USD

- All prices in USD.
- Extra discounts are available with bulk orders.
- Prices indicated with * are for Windnavigator subscription users